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Deeds signed in Vila Governador


In November 2014, a small outbuilding of the church attended by locals of Vila Governador, in Pinhais (Paraná), saw another victory for land regularization. The place hosted officials from the local notary’s office so that residents could sign deeds to their lots in a more orderly fashion. They are now the real owners of their once-irregular homes. A reason for the increasingly urbanized community to celebrate.

Since 2002, Terra Nova has been making arrangements with the town administration and the residents’ association for the sustainable regularization of the area’s land lots. At the ceremony were also present Pinhais Mayor Luiz Goularte Alves, aka Luizão, Terra Nova personnel and local press agents. See the pictures:


Sr. Antônio Brandão, Líder da Associação de Moradores, assina pelo lote da Sede da associação.
Mr. Antônio Brandão, chair of the residents’ association, signs the deed to the lot that will host the association’s headquarters.
Notary officials and the town’s prosecutor with residents.
Moradores comemoram a entrega dos títulos de propriedade.
Residents celebrate their achievement.