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Case study on Terra Nova presented in São Paulo


On June 20, Edgard Barki, who holds a doctorate degree in business administration, talked about the methods and social impacts of Terra Nova’s land regularization work in a seminar entitled “Social Impact Evaluation in the Housing Sector”, held by the Center for Entrepreneurship and New Businesses of Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV-EAESP)

The way Terra Nova operates makes a very profound impact on people’s lives and communities. It comes across as a way of triggering changes in their lives that go way beyond land regularization. Once land ownership is regularized, people feel a part of society. It is a work that can have emotional and subjective impacts on their self-esteem, sense of pride, and happiness, in addition to objective impacts such as access to sanitation and basic infrastructure, as well as property appreciation”, Barki said.

When it comes to businesses that bring positive change to the world, like Terra Nova, social businesses stand out greatly, Barki added. “Terra Nova is a company that creates large social benefits and really brings changes to people’s lives by solving extremely complex problems. It is not a simple model, but it is a relevant model for society, for it deals with the basic needs of the population.”