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Vila Jamil | Ferraz Vasconcelos | SP

Technical data

Total area: 43.372,43 m²

Total number of lots: 172

Total number of residents: 688

Date of occupation: 1992

Date of the Approval of the Court Settlement: January 12, 2011

Name of the Residents’ Association: Association Friends of the Neighborhood of Vila Jamil and Surroundings

Public Infrastructure and Equipment:

Water Distribution Network

Electric Energy Network

Sewage Collection Network

Drainage Network (Pluvial Water Collection)

Garbage Collection

Paved streets

Named streets

Streets with zip code



Public Transport (Bus Line)

Train Station

Day-care center or CEI (Center of Child Education)

School - Elementary Education

School - High School

Basic Health Unit

Leisure Area (square and/or park and/or sports court)

Social Assistance Unit (CRAS)

Community Center

Police Station

Telecommunications Network (telephony and/or Internet)

Completo Parcial