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About Us

Created in 2001, Terra nova is the only social company in Brazil that specializes in mediation of human conflicts for Land Regularization of Social Interest in urban areas illegally occupied, ensuring that the property meets its social function.

Respecting the legal system, the urban and environmental guidelines dictated by the current legislation and the public inspecting agencies, Terra Nova makes the mediation between owners and occupants in the questions involving Agrarian Regularization, and pacifically settles conflicts related to land ownership, allowing that the families living in the place obtain, out of their own effort, the property right of the lots where they live, and the owners are indemnified for the loss of the property.

Focused on generating social impact from the service offered, Terra Nova is part of the Sector 2.5 (Two and a Half) of the economy. In other words, it is between the Second (profit-oriented companies) and the Third Sector (non profit companies).

To develop its activities, Terra Nova relies on a multidisciplinary technical staff composed of lawyers, administrators, architects-planners, social workers, economists, psychologists, sociologists and communicators committed to make Land Regularization an instrument of social transformation.

Presence of Terra Nova in Brazil:
  • 4 States: Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rondônia e São Paulo.
  • 8 Municipalities: Curitiba, Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Itaquaquecetuba, Matinhos, Nova Lima, Paranaguá, Pinhais, Porto Velho and São Paulo.
  • 30 Communities:
  • + than 38 thousand people benefited
  • + than 3million m² in Settlement areas


“To pacify and improve the quality of life of communities that live in precarious settlements in Brazil and the world.”


“To be a multiplying agent of sustainable actions, promoter of social and environmental transformation in the whole world.”


Ethics | Transparency | Respect | Commitment | Sustainability | Team work

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